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Default Alaska Riding Areas with Directions

I'm hoping Prayn4snow isn't offended that his post of directions is being reposted here.

Alaska Riding Areas

Seward Highway Riding Areas: Mile 1 is in Seward before traveling, look road conditions here:
http://511.alaska.gov/ Here is a map of areas below: http://www.moosepass.net/map.html or call chugach national forest office in seward 907-224-3374

Exit Glacier: mile 3.5 in Kenai Fjords National Park approximately nine miles on good road. The Seward Military rec camp also does snow machine tours & rentals here.

Lost Lake- (Firehouse trail): mile 5.5 Scott way road, left on Heather Lee Ln, right up Hayden Ln. Not much room for parking and Hayden can be really slippery bring chains. This trail is shorter to LL than Primrose, but the climb up & down can be really bad, natural springs run down this trail and gets covered with ice only take this trail if you have "at least 3 people" (someone to help pull on your skis if needed) Look out for people coming down, trail is only one sled wide. This is usually seriously deep snow up top, most short tracks don’t do well up here. Watch for fallen trees on trail. http://www.fs.fed.us/r10/chugach/sew...rails/lost.htm

Paradise Valley/Nellie Juan Lake: trail is allong the south fork of snow river. check for closures before riding. Also parking at mile 13.2 & 14.7 http://www.fs.fed.us/r10/chugach/new...ow%20River.pdf

Lost Lake (Primrose trail): mile 17, turn right on Primrose spur rd go to the end about a mile, parking lot is a circle drive, trail is about 8 miles that anyone can make. This trail however can be bumpy and has a narrow bridge crossing. Watch for fallen trees across trail. This is also a great hike in the summer for tree huggers. http://www.fs.fed.us/r10/chugach/sew...s/primrose.htm

Falls Creek trail: mile 32.5 AKA Crown Point, also good 4 wheeling "if open by FS".

Ptarmigan Creek: mile 23, http://www.moosepass.net/trailptarm.htm

Carter Lake: mile 33.5 also ties into Crescent Lake Trail. http://www.moosepass.net/trailcarter.html

Moose Pass: mile 32.5, (other side of Johnson Creek trail). http://www.moosepass.net/trailjohnson.htm

Grandview: mile 32.5, this is the other side of Placer River & branches off Johnson Creek (Lake) trail. http://www.wcc.nrcs.usda.gov/snotel/...m=956&state=ak You can also get to Grandview from mile 29.5 Trail Lake Lodge.

Devil's Pass: mile 39, follows Devil’s Creek trail. http://www.moosepass.net/traildevil.html

Hope: mile 56, turn on Hope Highway, turn left on Palmer Creek rd. Look for changes in the road from this summers construction. Call Discovery Cafe 782-3274 for info.

Snug Harbor: From the Seward Hwy, turn on Sterling Hwy, turn left on Snug Harbor road go to the end and park (note: parking is very limited for big trailers, best for short 2 place because there is no where to turn around). Take the trail a few miles to Rainbow Lake on your left (sign) Go across the lake, and follow the trail up to the valley. (Note) the shortcut, snow permitting is from the sunrise restaurant before Cooper landing, ride across the lake to the road. It’s tricky but 30 miles closer.

Placer: mile 79 & 75, ride up the valley to east side and follow tracks going up. This hill can be difficult for beginners because of side hilling.

Johnson lake trail: Mile 64 5 miles past Turnagain parking lot, turn left on road, parking lot at the end. No riding on the right side (only for skiers), steep hills, high Avalanche danger at times.

Turnagain: mile 66, mix of riding, extreme riding on hills & over the top, high Avalanche danger. I lost one of my good friends here...many great riders have been lost here. Check out this site before you go! www.cnfaic.org. Good weather, snow depth & Avy updates here.

20 Mile river: mile 81.5, before Portage Glacier rd.

Whittier: Turn on Portage Glacier rd, $20 truck & trailer fee for tunnel. Road is next to the old military bldg, take 1stright up hill, Right, short dirt road to trail. Really bad parking (limited space, narrow, no where to turnaround); spring riding only, experienced back country riders only.

Bird Creek Trail head, Mile 101, Turn toward mountains and go 0.6 miles to park trail head and gate. Often good skiing. Open to snow machines when snow conditions are adequate to protect underlying vegetation. Please respect the private property near the trail head. Parking is poor,DO NOT block access for the local residents! It is very important to check the DNR web site to make sure it is open before riding. Dont mess it up for the rest of us if it isn't!
http://www.dnr.state.ak.us/parks/uni...ach/trails.htm http://www.dnr.state.ak.us/parks/uni...h/snowmach.htm

Upper Huffman: The real Upper Huffman trail, take the Seward Hwy to DeArmun turn on Hillside Drive then turn on Upper Huffman. Note: this area is usually closed due to snow conditions. The Park Rangers are strict on enforcing riding boundaries along the power line and registration stickers on sleds. Power line trail goes over to Indian rd on the Seward Hwy. http://www.dnr.state.ak.us/parks/uni...uphuffsnow.pdf

Parks Highway riding areas:

Schrock / Baldy access; Take church road until it ends, left on Schrock Rd., follow the road across the river, the take your first right...follow that until it "T's", take a right, and you’ll see a trailer up on your left with a little parking area on your left.
57 Parking on left

Big Lake: trails, lake riding, ice fishing, Big Lake Arctic Cat 892-7875

Nancy Lake: trails, ditch banging. http://dnr.alaska.gov/parks/asp/nlsra.PNG

Hatchers Pass Polaris, mile 66.5 Great dealer for parts, service. 1-866-495-4639

Willow side of Hatchers Pass: Black Mountain Inn: AKA the Last Chance Coffee house, mile 71, trn right, go 16 miles on Willow Fishhook. 907-232-8643 http://www.blackmtninn.com/ or Email blackmountaininn@hotmail.com 4 wheeling, berry picking. http://www.dnr.state.ak.us/parks/asp/hpsnowreport.pdf By AKRMK
Little Willow creek: mile 74.5, also Kashwitna lake mile 76, Greys creek mile 81 big parking on left.
Susitna landing: mile 82 down 1 mile, Kaswitna river mile 83, Caswell creeks parking mile 84 on left

Talkeetna: Yoder road: mile 98.7 is the Talkeetna Spur road, go 2.8 miles turn right onto Yoder

Sheep creek lodge: 88, more parking at mile 85 right, Slough 86 left down road 89 left, 91 RV park 92 right, 93 left, 96 Montana creek

AK Mountain Magic Arctic Cat dealer mile 97.5. parts, oil, plugs 866-769-8542.

Petersville area: Parking area’s by mile marker & trail locations.
Petersville weather http://weather.yahoo.com/forecast/USAK0248.html
98.5 Tesoro at the Talkeetna spur road, gas, food, restrooms
99.5 H&H lake view restaurant
104 Big Su River & mile 104.5 big parking lot on left. Groomed trails
115 towing & store
115 Trappers Creek store, Tesoro and Petersville road on left.

Kenny Creek Lodge: mile 115, Petersville road, 2.5 miles north of mile 17.5 http://www.kennycreeklodge.com/

Gate Creek Cabins mile 10.5 on Petersville road
116 Pizza house
121 hidden really big right side parking lot, 123.5 Left side of road big parking lot, 126.5 Right side of road big parking lot, 127 Left side of the road big parking lot, 129.5 left side parking
131 Left side of the road. Swamps, powder, trails. This also goes back to Tokosha Mountain Lodge http://www.wildsidedenali.com/index.html

Forks Roadhouse: mile 115, 19 miles down Petersville Rd, 733-1851
133 Mt. McKinley Princess Lodge. Also private gated cabin community. Start of "State Park"

Byers Creek Lodge: mile 144, food, 733-7707 http://byerscreeklodge.com/

Byers lake: mile 147, open in winter. State campground.

Ermine hill trail head: Mile 156.5 connects to Byers & Little coal. map of area http://www.dnr.state.ak.us/parks/akt...tsu/kesugi.htm

Little Coal Creek trail head and parking: mile 163.9 Toilets and hiking trail, also parking at @ mile 163. Big parking lot on left mile 170.

Mile 173 Right side of road. Mountain riding. Often bottomless. Follow Trail cut thru thick trees. submitted by BottomFeeder M7

187.5: Hills, deep powder, parking on left.

Igloo: mile 188.6, ,more parking at mile 191 left, 195.5 right & 201 right.

Cantwell:mile 210, Cantwell weather http://weather.yahoo.com/Cantwell-Al.../forecast.html

Chevron: mile 210, gas, food, towing, auto repair 768-9342

Fairbanks riding areas:

White Mountain National Recreation area trails:

Wickersham Dome trail: Hwy 2 (Elliott Hwy) to mile 28

Colorado creek trail: Hwy 2 mile 57

McKay creek trail: mile 42 of Steese Hwy (Hwy 6)

Davidson ditch trail: mile 57 of Steese Hwy (Hwy 6)

Arctic man: mile 196 Richardson Highway, Summit Lake, Alaska. http://arcticman.com/
Paxton parking: miles 200 Richardson monument Great place to ride no trees to worry about and lots of early snow (by straightup907), also parking at 202, 204, 206.
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I don't think the original poster will mind, although I shot him a PM to ask permission. I figure it used to be free information and soon it will cost to view, and I don't think that was the intent of the person who posted it originally.

Glenn Hwy riding areas:

The miles start at 0 for anchorage. Before traveling, look road conditions here: http://511.alaska.gov/

Eklutna Lake: mile 26, follow park signs ten miles to Eklutna Lake. http://www.dnr.state.ak.us/parks/akt...nc/eklutna.htm

PTARMIGAN VALLEY; can be accessed from the trail head off the Old Glenn Highway (next to the Rural Discount Center, east side of the highway, one mile south of the Chugiak Senior Center. http://www.dnr.state.ak.us/parks/uni...h/snowmach.htm

PETERS CREEK VALLEY: Peters Creek Exit at Mile 21, trailhead is located at Malcom Dr. no signs at trail head or trail head parking. Please respect the private land the first 2.5 miles of the trail. After the first 5 miles, the trail is unmarked and easily lost. Please be aware that there are unbridged stream crossings, steep slopes and gullies that are prone to avalanches. http://www.dnr.state.ak.us/parks/uni...h/snowmach.htm

Knik Glacier: Jim Creek, 10.5 miles on “Old” Glenn Hwy, (right) on Sullivan Ave (toward Raceway Park) 1.25 miles, parking on right. River can be dangers so stay on the north side. Great place for 4 wheeling, dirt bikes etc, caution in the summer, it can be like the wild wild west (bullets flying) “SnowFlinger”

Hatchers Pass: mile 49, turn left on Wasilla Fishhook rd, turns into Hatchers Pass rd, follow to Gold mint lower parking lot, or upper parking lot ($5 parking fee) http://www.dnr.state.ak.us/parks/asp/hpsnowreport.pdf

Buffalo Mine rd: mile 53, limited parking, back door to Hatchers Pass.

Sutton: mile 61, turn left on Jonesville rd, also great 4 wheeling

Kings River: mile 66, also great 4 wheeling

Puritan Creek trailhead: mile 90, this trail system offers some great deep snow
riding. It connects to Bolder Creek a more remote wide bottomed river valley that allows you to travel miles into the Talkeetna Mountains. This trail system travels over 30 miles through the
Talkeetna Mountains to Chickaloon (mi 76 Glenn) and even Kings River (mi 66 Glenn).

Hicks Creek: mile 100, Take the Pinochle Trail to the Hicks Trail (north). As soon as you cross Hicks Lake double back to the east and south. Also good 4 wheeling. By Spindrifter

Pinochle Pass: mile 99.5, great riding with fewer crowds & all riding levels. Best snow is late
in the riding season. On the top of Pinochle pass the valley opens up and offers a flat corridor along the bottom for trail riders, steep rolling hills along the sides for powder seekers. It is a wonderful spot to just go play for a few hours or the perfect access point for more remote riding areas.
For a full day adventure, riders can start at this trailhead and ride to Eureka for lunch via this backcountry trail system.

Long Rifle Lodge: mile 102. Food, bar, lodging. http://longriflelodge.com/

Sheep Mountain Lodge: mile 112, food, trails to Gunsight & Eureka. http://www.sheepmountain.com/

Squaw Creek Trailhead aka (Gun sight): mile 118.5, this trail has countless options for big mountain riding. It can also tie you into Eureka's groomed trail system.

Gravel Pitt: mile 120.5, good launching point for the area, plus good jumps, and hills.

Parking lot: mile 118, pull out that will fit maybe 10 trucks.

Parking lot: mile 122 that will fit maybe 20 to 30 vehicles.

Parking lot: mile 124 is a road off to the left with some parking about 1 mile in. maybe 8 rigs

Eureka Lodge: mile 128.5 food, gas, bar, lodging, parking, RV hookups, groomed trails, back country riding, 4 wheeling, mountain hill climbing. They also carry some belts, spark plugs, and laminated trail maps (highly recommended) etc. phone: 907-822-3808. http://www.eurekalodge.com/

Parking lot: a few more lots on the right and left past Eureka Lodge. Some of these fill up quick. These lots all tie into Eureka’s groomed trail system

Lake Louise: mile 150, turn left onto Lake Louise rd, go 17 miles to lodge. Lodging, food, trails, toll free 1-877-878-3311. http://www.lakelouiselodge.com/

Valdez: turn right on Richardson Hwy, Thompson pass is excellent riding and home of the Valdez Sno-X races, Valdez Mayor Cup race, and Valdez Mountain Man Hill Climb. Good lodging, food, gas in town. http://www.valdezsnow.com/whats_new.htm map: http://www.aksnow.org/pdf/thompsonPass.pdf

Worthington glacier: http://www.thompsonpass.com/pages/ski_report.html
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Great info...Thanks!!

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Default Missed Alpine Creek Lodge

Another area is the Denali Highway. Go to Cantwell, take a right onto the Denali Highway, go about 3 miles to the large plowed area. From Paxson, park in the large area, and you can ride the highway.

Alpine Creek Lodge is at mile 68, which is the direct center of the 135 mile long unplowed Denali Highway.

Maclaren River Lodge is at mile 42, 42 miles from Paxson, 93 miles from Cantwell.

Both lodges are open year round, 24/7.

Have fun and safe riding!
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Good info, especially for a "new to the area" rider like me...

I need all the help I can get, no more open the door and go ride...
Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming... WOW--What a Ride!
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